Python for Data Science

Created by: Bharat Mukkala
Intended for: Beginners who want to become Data Scientists

The MOOC way to learn Python and Data Science:

  1. Learn Python

  2. Learn Probability

  3. Learn Linear Algebra

  4. Learn Algorithms and Data structures

  5. Machine Learning

Note: All the courses using Python as medium of Instruction, there are other courses that use R language, which is certainly useful for Data analysis. There are courses offered by Coursera and Udacity related to Data science, which you should check out too. I just sampled courses that i think are good starting point to learn Data science. Also, the recommended way is to go top-down in the orde specified. There are still so many things to learn to become a data scientist such as machine learning, data visualization etc. (which i would fill out later). The courses on Linear Algebra use MATLAB (proprietary). But still we can use Octave, an open source alternative to MATLAB for learning the content in course.